Monday, November 22, 2010

Songs I can marry.........

Here are some songs I really really enjoy...songs I've loved at different stages of my life ....songs that make me loose my mind......songs that make me feel SUPER AWESOME!!! Here they are and a tiny reason why I'm in love with them and wanna marry them if possible :)

Edward Maya - Stereo Love
I feel like I'm on a Caribbean getaway going far far away from the world when I listen to this song.....all i can think of is romance & all the great memories that I can make someday....

Enduko emo
Enduko, emo....I like it :) Effect of fusion I guess
I was so smitten by the music that I one day I attempted to create a ring tone from the first 30 seconds of the song. I did manage to do that, but ended up deleting the original purchased song. Good God, everytime the song starts and I start humming, it stops in 30 seconds :P

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