Monday, November 1, 2010

Gotta chiiilllaaaxxxxxx!!

Had a loooooong day at work...back home blogging. Feels like those good old days when I was lil....would come back home from school and write in my was best friend then...knew all my secrets! Well, don't get your hopes up....not gonna spill out my secrets here :)

Chillaaaaxxxxing doesn't come naturally to matter how hard I try. I'm sooo used to complaining and whining all day that I forget to stop and enjoy all the lil things that bring great joy in life. I'm starting to learn some lessons watching my husband.....managing work, school, me, NFL...he's such a saint! He once told me...don't fret over lil things.....all the lil things u fret over will bundle up & u'll end up worrying about things that don't matter.....and in turn bother me :) That is sooo true!!

Learning to chill & relax!

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