Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm another year older!!!

Hello my blog.............I'm another year older!!!
It's concerning that birthdays don't feel as exciting as they felt a couple of years ago! I'm not sure if I should take this feeling in a positive light and feel happy that I'm maturing a.k.a growing up ;) OR if I should be worried that I'm getting old a.k.a boring :( In any case, I decided to stay positive and believe that I'm growing up and that's the reason why my birthday isn't as exciting.....gonna live with that for now! :) I'm a year shy of completing 3 decades of my life and this is not the time to celebrate right!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

As my day started a lot of things started going thru my head and I was thinking about what I could have done better and what I CAN do better to make myself a better person. All the credit of  my 'sensible thinking' goes to the event of me turning a year older on the calendar, of course, if not I wouldn't give a damn about making myself better. Sooooo after all the thought, I came up with one resolution that I wanted to stick to.....but slowly that one resolution turned into a list of you can imagine how much of mending is left for me do. Here's my suggestions to myself....just so that I don't forget....
  • Don't loose your temper, keep your emotions under control
  • Always try to be the bigger/better person
  • Do something BIG before you turn...ummm...30 :( Dunno what to do tho!
  • Think BIG
  • Be a positive person...draw positive energy from yourself
  • Be nice to people, especially the ones closest to you
At this point I'm a little intimidated taking a second glance at the list :( but I'll try my best to do the best I can!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

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