Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloooweeeen!!!!!!!!

My first blog ever....starting on Halloween day....lets see how this goes!!!

Watching the Patriots game with my husband, well forced to watch it cuz I can't watch anything else!!! I'm not really a "game" kinda its even harder for me to sit down thru a whole game....but I'm getting used to it and it's not bad at all! NFL, NBA, MLB....all of them going on at once......a lil too much of game activity for someone like me! So what do I resort to?? Cooking!!! Watching the Sunday NFL games today, I experimented with 'Gongura chicken'......turned out pretty well. And I made rasam, beerakaya pacchadi, beerakaya koora....had a sumptuous meal and started blogging......well, I'm a lil sleepy will check back in later!

And yeah, I should sit down and write something about myself and what I intend to blog about.....well you must've noticed my blog life's kinda running on a "random" track right, cooking, work, pet projects, workouts & a teeny weeny bit of fashion......and now I'm throwing blogging into the mix too!!! Tryin to challenge myself just a lil :)

That's it for my first ever blog post!