Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm another year older!!!

Hello my blog.............I'm another year older!!!
It's concerning that birthdays don't feel as exciting as they felt a couple of years ago! I'm not sure if I should take this feeling in a positive light and feel happy that I'm maturing a.k.a growing up ;) OR if I should be worried that I'm getting old a.k.a boring :( In any case, I decided to stay positive and believe that I'm growing up and that's the reason why my birthday isn't as exciting.....gonna live with that for now! :) I'm a year shy of completing 3 decades of my life and this is not the time to celebrate right!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

As my day started a lot of things started going thru my head and I was thinking about what I could have done better and what I CAN do better to make myself a better person. All the credit of  my 'sensible thinking' goes to the event of me turning a year older on the calendar, of course, if not I wouldn't give a damn about making myself better. Sooooo after all the thought, I came up with one resolution that I wanted to stick to.....but slowly that one resolution turned into a list of you can imagine how much of mending is left for me do. Here's my suggestions to myself....just so that I don't forget....
  • Don't loose your temper, keep your emotions under control
  • Always try to be the bigger/better person
  • Do something BIG before you turn...ummm...30 :( Dunno what to do tho!
  • Think BIG
  • Be a positive person...draw positive energy from yourself
  • Be nice to people, especially the ones closest to you
At this point I'm a little intimidated taking a second glance at the list :( but I'll try my best to do the best I can!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Songs I can marry.........

Here are some songs I really really enjoy...songs I've loved at different stages of my life ....songs that make me loose my mind......songs that make me feel SUPER AWESOME!!! Here they are and a tiny reason why I'm in love with them and wanna marry them if possible :)

Edward Maya - Stereo Love
I feel like I'm on a Caribbean getaway going far far away from the world when I listen to this song.....all i can think of is romance & all the great memories that I can make someday....

Enduko emo
Enduko, emo....I like it :) Effect of fusion I guess
I was so smitten by the music that I one day I attempted to create a ring tone from the first 30 seconds of the song. I did manage to do that, but ended up deleting the original purchased song. Good God, everytime the song starts and I start humming, it stops in 30 seconds :P

Life is soo........blah!!

Why is life so boring???

Yeah I blog's title has the magic word "Enjoying"....but why do I feel so bored in life? Seems like im stuck in a rut and everything is stalled...I imagine the reason is cuz im really bored with whats happening OR should i say...whats NOT happening in my life.......

I wouldnt say its cuz of my personal life, Im enjoying that side of life pretty well. My husband finally moved in with me after a painful 15 month long "long-distance" im really enjoying havin him around all day. So the next culprit? I would imagine - Work!!?? :)

I wake up everyday at the same time, have the same breakfast, get to work at the same time, attend the same meetings, eat lunch at the same time & get out of work at the same time....well, I obviously don't work on the same things everyday :) but still......everything's same same same!!I developed a psychological feeling that I'm not enjoying what I'm doing...which is why I'm bored! I'm not even excited about weekends anymore. I don't feel like I get a good break from work over the weekends too. It will definitely sound funny & weird to you...but I dream about work! I need to figure out a way to get my mind away from work when I'm out of work, which is a little difficult for me to do.

Hoping things change for the better soon......bored of getting bored :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali....miss home again....

It's that time of the year again when I really really really miss home. Yesterday was 'Diwali' a.k.a 'the festival of lights'. Its my favorite festival among tons of Hindu festivals all year round. Why is it my fave festival? I can give u a few reasons....great food to gorge on, burst firecrackers n cause noise pollution, wear new clothes (I mean REALLY good ones!), new jewelry, meeting friends n family, sit at home n do nothin......hmmmm i think u get the point now :)

This is how much fun Diwali "was"....not anymore......after living away from home for almost 7 years I realized Diwali, or for that matter any other festival, is not as much fun. We try to do all we can to make a festival extra special but something always falls short. Cooking mom's food, doing puja, putting up lights for decoration, meeting friends (whom we meet every week)...all that's great....but just not good enuf....

Hoping there will be a time when I'm home with my family celebrating festivals the way I used to while growing up.....

Miss home....yet again.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

War time!! WAS 6.1 vs. WAS 6.0

And here comes my first techie post...
We've been having issues at work for the past 2 days trying to figure out why an https URL request works when our app is deployed in was6.0 and not in was6.1. The piece of code that we're debugging gets the session out of the request, gets an attribute from the session and then casts that object to, say, Blog. We got a null pointer exception on the line below:

Blog blog = (Blog) request.getSession().getAttribute("BLOG");

Since the logs were not really helpful, and the request object was not null, my first thought was that the session was null but that wasn't the case. When you try to retrieve objects from the session attribute map it turns out that was6.1 barfs if objects in the map are not serialized. Was6.0 handles this serialization internally without any issues. So the fix was to serialize the Blog object (and all the objects it holds references to).

Not really sure if was6.1 is more or less restrictive than was6.0..?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dwitiya Vighnam

The real reason why I blogged today is to avoid "Dwitiya Vighnam"...I dont even wanna try translating this into english but I'll definitely try to explain what it means.

"Dwitiya Vighnam" is a popular Hindu belief....if you 'start' doing something one day then you continue to do the same thing the next day. Say for e.g. I started blogging yesterday, so if I don't blog today then it's not considered a good start.

Dwitiya  => second
Vighnam => obstacle

I believe the real reason behind this belief is to encourage continuity. But I'm the kinda person who does something for 2 days to avoid Dwitiya Vighnam and then stops doing it the third day ;)

Gotta chiiilllaaaxxxxxx!!

Had a loooooong day at work...back home blogging. Feels like those good old days when I was lil....would come back home from school and write in my was best friend then...knew all my secrets! Well, don't get your hopes up....not gonna spill out my secrets here :)

Chillaaaaxxxxing doesn't come naturally to matter how hard I try. I'm sooo used to complaining and whining all day that I forget to stop and enjoy all the lil things that bring great joy in life. I'm starting to learn some lessons watching my husband.....managing work, school, me, NFL...he's such a saint! He once told me...don't fret over lil things.....all the lil things u fret over will bundle up & u'll end up worrying about things that don't matter.....and in turn bother me :) That is sooo true!!

Learning to chill & relax!