Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mango Lassi

Here's my first blog post about recipes. I'm working from home today, which is boring....and to top it off we don't have much work! Just imagine how bored I was to experiment a recipe and then blog about it immediately :) Well, this is a pretty simple recipe - so no worries, did not take much time and effort.

Since this my first post about recipes, I'm going to play around with the format a little. For now I plan to list the ingredients and the preparation method, will list the amount of each ingredient if necessary. If not, just follow your heart and throw in how much ever you feel like!

Mango Pulp
Plain Yogurt

Preparation method:
Blend all the ingredients into a puree - I used 'Magic Bullet' for this, really easy and simple to use. Serve chilled.

If you want your Lassi to be a little sweet, add more sugar. Add more mango pulp if you want it a little sour. You can also use fresh mangoes if they're available.

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