Saturday, February 12, 2011

I think I'm in awe of Chiropratic medicine!!

I had my first Chiropractor appointment today in the morning and I learnt so much about it that I was in awe after an hour. A one hour appointment changed my whole perception of this line of medicine - I did not ever imagine that would happen.

What I knew about Chiropractic medicine before today -  a 'bone-setting' practice, an inexpensive way to get a massage :) honestly that's all I knew!!

And that is one of the primary reasons why I went there today. I've been having pain in my neck and shoulder for a while now, went for one massage therapy session and I did not see much of a relief after that. It was the same case with my husband too. So we wondered if at all it will help if we went to a Chiropractor and got the spine 'reset'. We looked up for providers and found the one closest to our apartment and I'm sooo glad we found him! He's such a passionate person and all that he told me about Chriopractic medicine only reinforced that thought. He did not really have to sit down and have a Knowledge Transfer session with me, in fact not many doctors do that these days, but he did and I really enjoyed it!

What it actually is -  a practice that treats the root cause of the issue instead of treating the symptom. As you all know the nervous system is the 'master system' of our body. Spinal cord is the back bone of our body and this is where all the nerves originate from and travel to all parts of the body connecting everything together - from the posters I saw in the office - that's a HUGE network!!!
The spinal cord has 24 parts, nerves originate from each one of the parts and run through the whole body. If one of them is misaligned, slowly but surely, over time the others get affected too. Misalignment causes nerve pinches that in turn cause issues to the organs they are connected to. See the image below to see which nerve pinch causes what symptoms.

The BEST part of Chiropractic medicine - NO prescription DRUGS!!! yayyyy!!

Ok, I guess I beat this down to death by now :) Will take off now and let you reconsider if you want to visit a Chiro to see if it will help you feel better.....

All in good health!!!

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