Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Barcodes for URLs????!!!!

Really?? Barcodes for URLs?? Never heard of that before! My colleague told me today that there are websites that generate barcodes for URLs, and she got my codes for URLs? I rephrased what she told me just to make sure I heard it right. Yes, there are websites that generate barcodes for URLs. These generated barcodes can be scanned by mobile devices (that have a barcode scanner app, or built in scanners) to directly open the website instead of typing in the URL!! How cool is that!!!
So...I tried it out! I generated a barcode for my blog using the website: Bar code generator

You can use your mobile device to scan this image and can get to my blog. I use an iPhone, so I downloaded the "i-nigma bar code reader" app.

I noticed that catalogs that come in the mail also have barcodes, found one on the Express catalog today. See...I got a chance to learn something new today! :)

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