Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another nostalgic day

Here's Another day in my life filled with nostalgia. A major Hindu festival today - Dassera....miss all the fun, food n family....
Dassera is somehow different from the other festivals. Everything about this festival seems exxagerated - food, drinking, merriment all just has a different feel! I spent almost every single dassera of my life in my uncle's house, in a town called Nalgonda. We would go stay with them for like 10 days during this time of year, dassera was just an excuse :). My uncle bought me new clothes every year for the longest time I've known. Bathkamma is another festival that I always used to look forward to....esp dressin up, I mean really dressing up!!! Was an 'all female' festival....another part!Dress up, go to the temple, tons of gossip!!! Yayy!!!

And my bathkamma today....hmmm....where do I even start? It was just I, me, myself n my hubby catching some pics...

Life changed soooo much! I miss all the great times I had back home. I probably did not appreciate all this back then, I probay did not understand the value of spending quality time with family....but now I do. I miss not just my parents but my uncles, aunts, cousins, neices, nephews.....all of them. Calling n talking gives me just a lil solace but nothing like being there.

When will I get my old days back?will I ever??? Am I hoping for a miracle to happen...????

Happy Dassera.........

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